A new art form that fuses “flowers” and “humans” A project to spread flowers by having people remember their favorite flowers, even if it’s just one.
Based on the philosophy of “creating a country that loves flowers the most in the world”, I shoot to convey the importance of coexistence between nature and people by arranging flowers on the head.

HANANINGEN is a project to decorate fresh flowers on your head and take pictures.
This is a very popular project that is held not only in Japan but also in Australia and Taiwan.

We started to create a relationship between flowers and people, and to create an era where nature and people can coexist.

Shuhei Aizu of GANON, a top flower artist who decorates the flowers of Japan’s leading brands such as Prime Minister’s stage and Kate Moss, will start HANANINGEN in Bangkok.

His work is an art form “STAND FOR NATURE” that spreads the power and beauty of nature.